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Cold Weather Announcement

With cold weather approaching, here are some tips for how to dress your child if you aren't used to -15C temperatures:

1. Snow pants or shells are great for outside play. Otherwise, we suggest sending a 2nd pair of pants if the first get wet

2. Long johns or tights under pants help keep students warm outside and aren't usually too hot indoors

3. Gloves or mittens really important! Mittens are generally warmer.

4. Heavy socks and an extra pair to change into are a good idea

5. Boots are highly recommended. Even rain boots are better than shoes.

6. For shirts, dress children in layers - the core is the most important to keep warm. base shirt, hoodie/sweater, zip up hoodie and then coat on top. sleeveless padded vests under a coat are also a good way to keep core warm but provide ventilation.

7. Children love to go down our steep hill. For safety reasons, this will only be allowed during school hours if they are wearing a helmet!


Current until: Saturday, February 29th, 2020
Posted: Friday, January 10th, 2020