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Registration Forms

Registration Forms

Dear Kindergarten Families,
We are so excited to welcome you to the Terry Fox community in the next few weeks. As we predicted, things have changed around Kindergarten Gradual Entry! 
Please visit to book your kindergarten interview time for September 10th or 11th. You only need to book one spot on either of the 2 days (1 interview total). 
If your child's last name begins with A-L please book with Ms. Malcolm. We put more instructions at the bottom of this post if you need additional help signing up and managing the booking).
If your child's last name begins with M-Z please book with Mrs. Bennett. If there are no available appointments with your designated interview teacher when you go to book, you may book with the other teacher.
If your child has exceptional needs (and you have notified the school and were in contact with us in June/this summer [🙂] ) you will receive an email directly from us to book a longer interview time, and do not need to book on School Appointments.
On September 11th (by 6:30pm) you will recieve an email from the K teachers with your scheduled times for small groups and half groups September 14th-17th.

We encourage you to visit our Terry Fox Kindergarten website ( and watch our virtual tour and teacher introduction videos. We will continue to add to the website as the year goes on!
If you have any questions, or need support please contact us.

School Appointment Online Instructions
Go to:
Click: Register then and sign up
Next, click on: Add a Student then enter your child’s name and insert
Click on the calendar symbol to schedule the parent – teacher appointment
From the list, click on the appropriate teacher name 
Select: View Calendars
Click the available times to make your choices


Please Note: To be registered for Kindergarten in September 2020, children must turn 5 years of age between January 1 and December 31, 2020.


Proof of age of the child by birth certificate is required (schools will photo copy.) To ensure the child being registered qualifies for Ministry of Education funding, the biological parents/legal guardians’ status and the biological parents/legal guardians’ residency need to be established. Schools may register the child providing the following are established:

1. At least one biological parent/legal guardian is a Canadian Citizen by birth or naturalized (obtained citizenship) and they can support this with the following pieces of identification:

Parent’s Canadian Citizenship Card
Parent’s Canadian Birth Certificate
Parent’s Canadian Passport.

2. The biological parent/legal guardian can provide proof of residency, and must provide ONE of the following:

Utility bill
Mortgage document
Property Sale Agreement
Property Tax Notice/Assessment
Rental or Lease Agreement

In addition ONE of the following three documents containing the name and address of the parent/guardian is required:

Bank statement
Credit card statement
Government document (eg. MSP bill)

3. OR if the child has attended school in the Abbotsford School District in the past OR is coming from another school district OR if there is a sibling who has already been attending school in the school district

4. You will also need to provide your child's CareCard, and your doctor's name and phone number.

5. Other required documents as determined by the school (Birth Certificate).

6. If you are the Abbotsford resident biological parent /legal guardian of the child but are not a Canadian Citizen by birth or by naturalization (obtained citizenship), you are required to report to the School District Office prior to registering your child at the school. Please call 604.851.4585 (International Student office) to make an appointment. They will confirm which documents you must provide.

(please see this school district page for additional information)

Reporting (Report Card)

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