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School Supplies

Terry Fox Current School Supplies

Ordering from School Start (Terry Fox specific website at:  is a convenient way to buy school supplies for your children. Supplies are of good quality and can be delivered to your home. We encourage you to consider ordering through this system for Gr 1-5 students.

Please note: due to a generous grant this year in partnership with the Auguston Elementary School PAC, K students do not need to purchase supplies, except for the the additional supplies of water bottle, supply case, clipboard, over head/ear headphones, and white board pens (3, black)

For Gr 1-5: The online supply purchase does not include the following items that need to be purchased separate: water bottle, supply case, clipboard (K only), over head/ear headphones (K-Gr 3), white board pens (3, black). 

For parents who wish to purchase supplies separately, please download our pdf school supply list: Terry Fox School Supply Lists.pdf

Due to covid-19 safety precautions, we will not have students share school supplies. 



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