Our School Plan Progress 2022-2023

Improving Student Learning

The Abbotsford School District’s Strategic Plan reflects our public commitment to BC’s new curriculum by working together to continuously improve learning for each student.

School Goals

Under the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, all Abbotsford School District schools are required to develop a long term plan to improve student achievement, one that maintains a balance on the intellectual, social and career development of students. Each year, each school develops an annual plan and sets individual goals to improve student achievement. 

This year saw the completion of a 2 year plan. Click to see the plans - we welcome your feedback to our Principal at:  angela.magon [at] abbyschools.ca 

Terry Fox School Goals


Our students will learn key academic skills - like reading, writing and math - to encompass the knowledge and processes associated with intellectual development. As learners and meaning-makers, students take subject-specific concepts and content and transform them into a new understanding. 

Our celebrations of learning

Learning in life should be joyous! At Terry Fox Elementary School, we endeavour to help our students (and our adults!) enjoy, participate in, and celebrate their learning! In developing our school's intellectual community, we strive to be play-based; purposeful; and to take risks in our learning. Learning should revolve around: beginning with a sense of wonder; asking great questions; finding out as much information as we can; organizing our thoughts; sharing our ideas, and opinions with others; and having a chance to reflect upon our learning.

Embedding Indigenous Understandings

Our BC Ministry of Educations Curriculum has laid out a very clear pathway for helping us, as educators, better understand how to help our students/community reflect upon Indigenous People's perspectives. At Terry Fox Elementary, we are comitted to helping ALL of our students achieve a sense of cultural pride, and a sense of belonging. We have many resources, on site, to help with these two important aspects of education. 

Pillars of Reading

Our District has laid out a clear path for us in terms of helping our students achieve success in life. We are doing out utmost best to support our young learners in achieving success. As part of a district-wide reading imperitive, we are putting increased resources into improving reading scores for our K-Grade 3 students. To do so, we are using the following approaches: having a lot of great books on hand at all levels; providing expert instruction in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing (our staff are very well-trained, and we have invested in our Professional Development to further our understanding of strategies like: purposeful play; student choice/engagement; and assessment practices); providing choice for students throughout their day with us (choice in materials, and activities); and providing opportunities for students to set their own learning goals, to connect their learning to real-world applications, to self-reflect, and to 'own' their learning progress.

Human & Social

Our students will study personal and human social skills and as they relate to students' identity in the world - both as individuals and as members of their community. We are learning that personal and human social skills encompass the abilities students needs to thrive as individuals, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world. 

Our celebrations of learning

Positive Personal Identity, and Cultural Awareness

Terry Fox Elementary School has become a very diverse 'family' over the past two years. We have many children, and families, from many different cultural backgrounds. We have welcomed, for example, close to 30 Syrian Newcomer families, and we have an ever-increasing number of children who are of Aboriginal descent. We also have worked very hard, as a school community, to be truly inclusive of our children who come to us with challenges in their intellectual and social learning needs. Our biggest hope for all of our children is for them to have a strong sense of belonging.

Social Responsibility 

We give back to our school, and to our community. We value the diversity of our fellow Terry Fox 'family members'; we care for our environment; and we reflect upon our impact upon others. We work hard to think before we act; to be mindful; to have an attitude of gratitude; and to give back to both our school and our community.

Social-Emotional Learning

We are learning to be aware of, and respect, the needs of our body, soul, and mind. We are recognizing that we have emotions, and that all emotions are okay. We have been learning to use the Zones of Regulation to help us better understand our emotions; to name our emotions; and to use strategies to help us when some emotions are overwhelming for us. We have an amazing team of adults in our building helping us to learn how to stay in a Green Zone as much as possible; in this way, we are calm, alert, and ready to learn.


Our students will succeed in a much different future from the one we envisioned 10 or 15 years ago. It is our responsibility to prepare all children for success in whatever life path they choose, connecting learning opportunities with future career possibilities. We know that real-life experiences - like community involvement, gaining business knowledge, and hands-on-learning - build better students and life-long citizens. 

Our celebrations of learning


Today's generation of school-aged children will, likely, be going into careers that we have not yet imagined. In our school setting, due in great part to our amazing Learning Commons space, teacher, and resources, and also, due in part to our revamped curriculum, we are seeing a lot more group work; exploratory/hands-on activities; student-guided Inquiry-based progrects; and goal setting/self-reflection happening. We know that the employers in our students' futures will be looking for the following qualities (& if our children are self-employed/entrepreneurs, they will be looking for these same qualities when they hire people!):

  • an ability to work with a team to solve problems, & make decisions
  • an ability to communicate effectively with others (in writing, and orally), & to influence others/present ideas/information
  • an ability to research/look up information, and organize the information to help them achieve tasks
  • an ability to set goals for themselves; self-reflect; and move forward in terms of acheiving their, and their company's goals
  • an ability to work with the latest, & greatest in technology
  • an ability to be a moral steward - to abide by strong, ethical values


We work very hard to place all of our students into Leadership Roles. We, especially, focus in on our Grade 4&5 Terry's Team of Student Leaders. They have the opportunity to participate in many activities that are designed to promote their sense of moral responsibility to our school, our community, our earth, & to themselves/their families.